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About Us

We are:

Peter McAvoy
President and Founder

Peter started the company to provide Clean Green Energy and Freedom from Foreign Fossil Fuels in a company that values worker ownership, regionally sustainable methods and which balances people and profits. Peter also practices law in estate planning and administration, business planning, real estate transfers and non-profit organizations. He founded and is principal consultant for Altruvest, LLC, which specializes in building planned giving capacity for charitable organizations. His daughter Emily is studying at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Peter, and his wonderful wife Nicki, live in western Massachusetts.


Nicki McAvoy
Principal Member

Nicki has been a Registered Nurse for over 15 years (although she doesn’t look like she’s old enough to have that kind of experience) and is otherwise a great person. Her ability to bring home the benefits’ bacon makes ReEnergizer possible. And she can cook it up too. She earned her BSN with high honors from Our Lady of the Elms College in 2008.



Victoria Saulnier
Consulting Member

Vicki is associate general counsel for Bank of America in Plano, Texas. When she is not paddling or fishing in Plano’s nearby lakes and streams. Vicki’s insights and business acumen are invaluable to the operating members of ReEnergizer.


John Humphrey
Processing/Collecting Staff Member


Karl Barcome
Processing/Collecting Staff Member


Tim Dean
Student Intern


Julia Fuersanger
Student Intern


Eric Blevin
Student Intern


Chief Morale Officer

VP Security

We are Local

ReEnergizer’s, collection hub is located on Coleman Ave in Westfield, MA. We collect from food service providers across western New England and eastern New York. Never further than 100 miles from our hub, customers are assured of timely service. We are looking forward to planting and harvesting oil-seed crops in conjunction with progressive local towns, cities and public utilities, as well as with farmers, especially those involved with Community-Sustained Agriculture.

We Support a Sustainable Economy Locally

Unlike other grease processors, we collect and resell grease right here, providing local jobs and boosting our local economy. Rendering companies continue to send the oil far from its source, including overseas, where it is added to cosmetics, animal feed, or converted into 'reconstituted' oil. The oils are then shipped even further to its sales point as dog, cat and livestock feed, lipstick and some say even packaged goods, like cookies, for human consumption. Yummee! Want some?

We truly believe in and practice Being Green

Being environmentally conscious isn't a cool fad for us, it is essential to living on planet earth. The EPA has determined that recycled vegetable oil, when used to replace petroleum oils 'greenhouse gas emissions neutral'. That means no net harm to the environment from carbon building up in the atmosphere. EPA studies show 74% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as compared to fossil fuel use in cars and trucks.

ReEnergizer Chart

Antonio's Pizza Apollo Grill Brick Wall Burger Chef Wayne's Big Mamou E.B. Flatts Flats Organic Pizza Roady's Diner Food 101 Herricks Tavern Hofbrauhaus Local Burger Mesa Verde Log Cabin Banquet & Meeting Masse's Seafood The Rumbleseat Bar & Grille Taylors Tavern Tully O'Reilly's Yarde House Zoe's
The above are a sample of the food service providers that recycle used cooking oil with ReEnergizer. Please eat at those places and support Clean Green Energy and Freedom from Foreign Fossil Fuels! For the full list of food service providers, visit the Partners page.